Us 5 With Love



We paused our daily life for a 6 month adventure



Within these pages we offer a look into our life. This was written for those of you who:

- have ever wondered what it would be like to push pause on your life and take an adventure

- have never wondered about an adventure like this but are kinda curious

- are looking for ideas of fun and creative things to do for you and your family

- want to hear about some of the ridiculous events that make up our life

Regardless of your reasons…welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

Us 5 ~ with love


Wait. What? 

When we look back at the biggest events in our lives, most of them can be traced back to a simple, random conversation. Gina and Jon met because she had a conversation with her seat mate on a plane. Jon worked at an orphanage in Mexico because he ran into someone he knew at a soccer game. Gina started her Arbonne business because she ran into an old friend at a party. This adventure is no different as it began on our couch back home. 


Did we mention we’re pregnant

In case the “us 5” title didn’t give it away…we are indeed pregnant. Here’s the deal:

Gina and I are both the oldest in our families, I come from 3 and she comes from 4. In the beginning stages of our conversations around having a family I pushed hard for 3 kids while Gina was in the “we should have 2” camp.

We have 2.

However, about a year ago there was a bit of a softening and she seemed to start to entertain the idea of 3. Naturally, this seemed to directly coincide with my feeling like 2 was plenty.

The Moment They Found out


It's one thing to tell a 3 and 5 year old they're going on a 6 month adventure cross country (watch the Telling the Kids-Part 1 video). It's a whole different thing to tell them we're having a baby when we return!

This is their reaction when we told them we were soon to be 5.



What'sYour Adventure?

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Enjoys: reading books, the Cars movies, tackling things, and getting dirty.

Age: 3



Enjoys: singing, climbing, dancing, running, reenacting movies, and doing all of it in a dress that twirls.

Age: 5



Regional Vice President Arbonne International. Yoga instructor. Italian enthusiast. Salsa dancer.

Enjoys: chocolate and peanut butter, when all the beds are made, talking art, drinking fizz, dancing in the kitchen, and traveling

Age: 1 week older than Jon



Co-Founder of The Piece Project. Co-Founder of our family. Coach. Former athlete.

Enjoys: people watching, playing with the kids, all things sports, reading, group dynamics, and mischief.

Age: 1 week younger than Gina


We are your typical family that is doing our best to give our children the best life we can, to leave this place better than we found it, and to have some good stories to tell along the way.



aka: The real adventure

Enjoys: kicking, sleeping, and swimming. This one is really hoping that Mommy and Daddy come up with a name for me faster than they did for brother and sister.

Age: not yet

If you want to be involved we are taking guesses on gender (update: boy!) suggestions on names, and bets on first words.