Did we mention we're pregnant?

In case the “us 5” title didn’t give it away, we are indeed expecting. Here’s the deal…

Gina and I are both the oldest in our families. I come from 3 and she comes from 4. In the beginning stages of our conversations around having a family, I pushed hard for 3 kids while Gina was in the “we shall see” camp.

So we had 2.

However, about 2 years ago there was a bit of a softening and she seemed to start to entertain the idea of 3. Naturally, this seemed to directly coincide with my feeling like 2 was plenty.

We decided that if we got pregnant by our 40th birthdays in May (our birthdays really are exactly one week apart) then we were meant to be a family of 5.

Our birthday came and went and we began to settle into the idea of the 4 of us being complete.

We will be a family of 5 in March.

We found out just after we had committed to doing this 6 month adventure. (Though it did solidify it being 6 months, and ended our flirtation with the idea of a year-long adventure.)

On top of our driving, working, spending time with loved ones, going to places we’ve never been, and “adventuring,” we are planning for this little one’s arrival. Gina even felt the baby move yesterday.

We’d be lying if we said there wasn’t a little bit of panic at first. There was. However, there is now so much excitement and joy. We are beyond fortunate.

We are (pretty) sure this is going to be our last child and it’s changing how we’re preparing for this one’s arrival. We are looking forward to pretty much everything about having a baby again, minus the lack of sleep. The diapers, the feeding, the spitting up, the tears…all of it feels like something to be enjoyed, like one last lap around the track.

We’ll never be prepared for that lack of sleep though.

Regardless, this mini is coming and we are very excited to meet her/him. We love you already, little one.

Us 5, with love

(A random aside: The four of us have unanimously said we think it’s going to be a girl. Then there was a psychic that walked up to Gina out of the blue and told her it was going to be a boy. So there are conflicting reports on the gender of this little one. What’s your guess?)

Jonathan Gordon