After much deliberation within our family the final guesses were:

girl: 8

boy: 12

Here is a little video that shows the moment when we all found out.

We have so much to be thankful for. It’s hard to put into words…we tried anyway.

We are home.

That in itself is a pretty incredible sentence to write.

Here is a quick summary of our return voyage.

They are getting a sibling!

It's one thing to tell a 3 and 5 year old they're going on a 6 month adventure cross country (watch the Telling the Kids-Part 1 video). It's a whole different thing to tell them we're having a baby when we return! This is their reaction in the hotel room when we told them we were soon to be 5.

Carmel Valley

Our first stop wasn’t exactly “roughing it.” Horses, the beach, redwoods, and a creek = a nice way to kick off this adventure.

Telling the kids

Problem: How do you tell your children that we are moving out of our house and going on an adventure for 6 months when they have no concept of time? 

Solution: You give them a backpack and a puzzle then take a video of it.

That should work. 

Leaving Carmel

“I like going swimming. Going in the creek and going in the hot tub.”

“I like eating pancakes.”

Portland and Boise

The first big drive was absolutely worth it for the time in the Pacific Northwest.

Now it feels real.