Typical Day in Carmel Valley

In our perfect world we would have been able to have in depth conversations about all the aspects of this adventure and worked through any inconsistencies so we were completely on the same page. 

In reality we had mini conversations in passing and agreed on a few core beliefs for the trip. Among them was to maintain daily structure and routine for the kids development…and for our own need to find time to work. 

We’ve found it’s doable, sort of. Essentially each place we are in gets it’s own routine and we try to carry over as many as possible.

Our first stop was in Carmel Valley and this was what the typical day looked like:

  • Jon up early working before the littles are up

  • Gina does breakfast and then morning schoolwork with the kids

  • Then we switch

  • Jon takes kids on an adventure and does lunch

  • Gina does work

  • Naps

  • Afternoon adventure together

  • Dinner

  • Bedtime routine - put the kids down

  • Jon and Gina work (with a baseball game on)

  • Obviously there were interruptions to the routine but this was a good representation of how we spent most days.

Adventures here included:

  • Creek hikes

  • Swimming

  • Walks to look at a horse that lived nearby

  • Going to the beach

  • Visiting with family and friends

  • Cooking dinners together

  • Watching more movies than we should

It was a perfect way to start this adventure. 

Us 5 ~ with love


Jonathan Gordon