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It snowed for the first time this season. I repeat, it snowed. It snowed, and we were here to see it. In person.

We are in Chicago with Gina’s family for an extended stay. Not only does it feel good to unpack the car for a bit but it feels important to be able to let the kids spend some real time with our family here.

Gina comes from a big Italian family and to say that Reny and Kaleb are enjoying the time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all their cousins is like saying, “Yeah, I guess gelato is pretty good.”

We are firm believers that it takes a village and we also hold true that you cannot have too many people who love your children. Being able to give our kids real time with their extended family that love them is, well, it was one of the reasons why we wanted to do this trip.

So there we are in Chicago, with Nonna, Papa, and Auntie DD and it started to rain. It was falling in big, heavy drops that were loud enough to distract us. We started looking out the window and just as we started to watch the drops it started to snow.

This was the first time Kaleb had ever seen it snow and the second for Ren.

Seeing it snow was very exciting. By the window there was lots of yelling, jumping, and exclamations of “IT’S CHRISTMAS” from Kaleb.

We lasted about 40 seconds before we had to go and see what it felt like. Clearly we couldn’t be bothered with trivial things like finding the right attire. So we went outside and enjoyed the snow.

No gloves. No jackets. No shoes. No worries.

Just your typical family hanging out barefoot, jumping up and down, trying to catch a snowflake, while screaming about a holiday that is months away.

This is one that we will hold onto for a long time.

Us 5 ~ with love


It snowed again last night! We all woke up to not just a bit of snow falling from the sky but an actual white wonderland.

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Jonathan Gordon