We could use your help

We have begun our return leg back home to California. Our path is taking us south and then west as we search for warmth and dry roads. So far the desert has not disappointed and our days in the car have been smooth.

There are only so many cacti we can look at and times we can watch the movie Cars. We may have hit the limit 2 states ago. So we had an idea! This is where you come in….will you all ask us some questions? We’ve been asked so many great ones about travel with kids, long stops vs. short stops, how do we not all hate each other yet, etc. And we’ve responded to individuals as the conversations pop up…but let’s play! Let’s go bigger!

Here’s what we’re thinking…send us all your questions this weekend, we promise to answer them! 2 ways to do this. Email us through the blog. Or throw them our way on Instagram stories.

Thank you!

~ Us 5 with love

Jonathan Gordon