The biggest disagreement of our marriage...


naming our children.

This entire subject has layers upon layers and some well entrenched opinions.

The short version goes something like this:

Gina and Jon each have names they really like and unfortunately there is not a lot of crossover. What ends up happening after a bit of each person trying in vain to make their point is that the 1st choice names cancel each other out. Then the real conversations around naming begin.

Jon likes Celtic names. Gina likes names that are Italian cities.

Gina doesn’t like first names that end in “n” with the last name Gordon. Jon reminds her that his name is “Jon.”

Gina has veto power, being that she is the one who actually is carrying the baby and they will have Jon’s last name.

Jon agrees, but then says he can’t call the kid a name he doesn’t like for their whole life.

Around and around that goes.

Our daughter’s name is Reny. It’s short for Florence. (Nicely done Gina.)

Our son’s name is Kaleb, but he didn’t have a name for a week after he was born. (To give you a glimpse into how these conversations can go.)

All of this backstory is leading up to the fact that this weekend we are going to find out the gender of this baby. We were surprised with Reny and Kaleb.

Being that we think this will be our last child (we’re sure, we just don’t want to jinx anything) and that we could use the extra time to name this soon-to-be little one, we are finding out.

Gina’s mom knows and has successfully kept it a secret for weeks. (No small feat.)

Gina, Jon, and Reny all think it’s a girl.

Kaleb goes back and forth but as of this writing thinks it’s a boy.

We will all know tomorrow.

If you have guesses...feel free to let us know, we’d love to hear.

Speaking of letting us know...once we have the gender Jon would be grateful to hear name ideas if you’re willing to share them.

We’ll be sharing the gender on Instagram this weekend.

Thank you for all the support.

~ Us 5 with love

Jonathan Gordon