Already?! What it's like going home.

Today is the day we walk back into our house.

There are mixed emotions for all of us.

The kids have been a little bit “off” these past couple days. A bit more clingy and pouty while having a tougher time listening.

It seems like they understand it well.

It’s kind of how their parents feel too.

There is plenty to be excited about as we return:

  • The arrival of our new little one is weeks away. (Yes, we were cutting it close.)

    • Plus we get to go back to seeing our regular doctor.

    • We get to set up the nursery and get everything ready for him to arrive

  • Having a place to land and unpack carries with it a relief that is palpable.

    • All of us are very excited about expanding our wardrobe out from the 2 or 3 things we’ve been wearing.

    • Well, except Gina who would be wearing the same 2 or 3 things regardless…belly and all.

  • Riding bikes to the park.

  • Seeing our family and friends around the Bay Area.

    • Being able to give people a few options of times we might be able to hang out other than, “We’re in town for a night are you free?” is something I think everyone is looking forward to.

  • Sleeping in our own beds again.

Along with many many others.

But we are different now than when we left and there are things we will miss:

  • All the people we had the pleasure of spending time with and staying with.

    • For some people it had been months while others it had been many years but in each case it was so much fun and such a big deal for us.

    • We are beyond grateful. It’s hard to find the words to express how thankful we are.

  • The freedom of deciding where we want to go.

    • Looking at a map and talking about what we want to see and when we want to see it.

    • Feeling completely in control of our day.

    • We knew what we needed to do and we got to choose when and how we were going to get it done.

  • Time in the car.

    • This one goes both ways. There certainly were times when we were more than ready for this to be done.

    • However, now that it is we are going to miss the time with just the 4 of us talking or singing. There was some real contentment in driving around the country looking out the window.

  • Looking out the window.

    • The National Parks were huge hits but they weren’t the extent of the beauty.

    • There is some real beauty throughout this country and we were able to see a slice of it.

  • Getting to see firsts.

    • The kids first time being in snow.

    • First time seeing bison, antelope, wolves, eagles, cardinals, coyotes, elk, and so many others in the wild.

    • First time seeing several different states, colleges, climates, and getting to spend time with people who live there. We get an insider’s view into these new places and with that our children then think of that place through the people. It’s a beautiful way to see the world.

  • This time with each other.

    • One of the reasons we left on this adventure was because life was going fast. We slowed things down and got intentional with our days and our time.

    • Hoping we don’t miss this one because we are able to still do it now that we’re returning. But it’s a fear.

These are some of our initial thoughts as we are heading home. It is by no means the complete list, it doesn’t even feel like a complete thought.

So this is what we’re going to do:

Gina and I are going alone first to get the house ready for the littles. We are going to make a video as we arrive to see if we can articulate some of the experience of coming back.

We will send that video out as well.

Thank you for going on this adventure with us.

~ Us 5 with love

Jonathan Gordon