Exploring Nature

Exploring Nature:

"Go outside!” Add this to the ever growing list of phrases I remember from my childhood that I have adopted. Our home in California has enough space for them to run and play. However, this trip we are spending more time outdoors than I can ever remember…and I am finally beginning to see the wisdom in that phrase.

There is something about seeing animals in real life that has made an impact on our kids that nothing else can replicate. The size of a horse or the presence of a bison up close is impossible to ignore. The cuteness of a prairie dog feet away from you or seeing a fish jump out of the river are tales to be talked about or to be reenacted for days afterwards. At least that’s the case if our kids are any indication. 

Aside from the animals, which deserve more time than I just gave them, there are other aspects of being outside that seem to be affecting our children. They are braver, tougher, and more willing to try new things than before we left. 

Walking through creeks, climbing trees, jumping off rocks, digging in the dirt, sleeping outside are now requested activities. We watch as they run off and are able to entertain themselves in a meadow or a backyard where before they would have wanted one of us with them. 

It’s as if being outside more has not only inspired more creativity but it’s also dug up more self confidence. 

Yes, they are dirty. Yes, we are going through clothes at a much faster rate because they keep getting holes. Yes, they’re smellier. 

Totally worth it. 

Now if we could just get them to be more creative with what they’re willing to eat. 

Us 5 ~ with love

Jonathan Gordon