A peek behind the curtain


It’s been asked, and we feel open to explaining, exactly HOW ARE YOU DOING this? Seems the question behind the question is about our work. Our J.O.B.s. The day to day. The way we pay. How can we be gone for 6 months without having a sponsor, millions of dollars, or millions of viewers on Insta? Those things we don’t have, the opportunity to work from anywhere, we do have.

Jon just returned from his 6th round trip flight without the rest of the fam. 1 international, 5 domestic, and all for work.

But let me backup a minute. About a year ago…we decided that it was time for Jon to leave his job. His job that required a daily BART commute to San Francisco and had him home every night in time for dinner, a typical 8 to 5 if you will. As much as he enjoyed the work, it was time. We both recognized it. And so after a few conversations with beverages once the kids were tucked in, we took the leap and became a one income household. And that was a blessing.

It was a blessing because we could be one. This is something that we have not lost sight of throughout all of this.

Another blessing was that Jon could really choose work that he was good at and passionate about, and got him out of bed in the morning. Along with a bit of consulting and coaching, Jon is now the cofounder of a business that offers programs for universities. (He would happily love to talk more with anyone who’s curious...I know this for sure.)  It has meant lots of early mornings and late nights combined with the occasional aforementioned plane flight to lead a program on a college campus. While it has been hectic at times (to put it mildly), trying to carve out a schedule for him and I to both put in the work we need to while also being with the kids, we have loved having him around. Not only being able to do this road trip, but also sharing the drop offs and nap times, and getting more quality time together in the daylight. We would happily trade the times he is gone on short trips for the amount of time that he is around and actually present now with our family.

Which brings us back to the one income that we are now living on. We have had to tighten our belts a little bit, but we are doing it. It didn’t start out this way. I  have been a work from home mom since I became a mom…or a couple weeks beforehand. After being offered a health and wellness opportunity, albeit it scary and way out of our comfort zone, we jumped in and hoped for the best. Though I continued my day job at first, after 9 months I was able to walk away having replaced my income. And the business continued to grow from there as I worked it part-time, in between our life, sharing the opportunity whenever I felt it could serve someone and his/her family. The best part is, it travels. With a phone and a laptop, I can work from anywhere. Road trips and all. We have certainly taken advantage of that last part. We are so grateful.

Do we have a budget growing 2 businesses right now as we travel? YES! Did we plan this trip as a fun adventure to distract us from that very thing? Sort of, YES! Are we working hard? Absolutely YES, we are not out playing all day. Challenges? Always. Worth it? And then some. We have more freedom now than we ever did as 2 single people working our “travel jobs”. We have very few limits on our daily choices. We are so grateful that we own our time. And our vision is to continue to serve so many people through what we’re building, that travel will always be a factor we “work” into our lives.

~ Us 5 with love

Jonathan Gordon